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Mini Me's fantastic leavers gifts.


My range of gifts are a great way to provide a lasting keepsake of the children's early learning journey.

The gifts feature the child' art in FULL colour or a list of the leavers names.

It is really easy to get involved, just decide what you want to make and get cracking! You can view images of the products at 

The time scale is approx 4 weeks but allow 6 weeks just incase! (1 week for the sample to be done, 2 weeks to get orders in and 1 week to make up orders.)
The towels, bags, Tshirts and pennants are just £10.99 each (including the samples, your 10% commission and bulk delivery)

The benefits of using Mini Me are simple,

- no minimum purchase, you only order what parents have ordered, so you never have loads of unsold products!

- all your artworks can be in full colour

- no banking costs for you

1- Create your artworks, use full colour (you could do hand prints, photos, self portraits or names) and write the child's name on the back and send them to me.
The same artworks can be used for shoppers, towels and tshirts if you want to give your parents more choice...just let me know which products you want to make when you send your artworks.
Do your artworks in PORTRAIT, FULL COLOUR on A4/A5 white paper.
If you want to do a 'names' design, just email a list of children's names.

2-  I will make each group into a FREE sample for parents to see before they order (and for sizing) and I will send order forms.
Parents place orders and make payment via bank transfers or cheques made payable to Mini Me so you don't have to pay for the banking.

3- Send the orders forms  to me and I will make them up and deliver back to you, along with your commission for your sales


Places on my projects are limited, so make sure you register early to reserve your place, email or phone 07857 834767 to reserve your place.

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